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If you happen to know some good .onion site which you think can make a good contribution to the Main Page, please list it here. Members of our site (hopefully) will add it to the main site, if they also think it's good. You can also describe each recommended site with a few words: tell us why you think it is a good site.

Update: Please note that because of the upcoming termination of the v2 .onion domains, only v3 domains would make it to the front page from now on. See this link for explanation.

Deutsche Welle News - upgradet to V3 (see here) (The old V2 link is still on the main page.) - News and analysis concerning immigration and demography in the United States of America, 'America's immigration voice'.

ProtonMail - updated v3 .onion domain page of ProtonMail

AirVPN - VPN provider that supports VPN over Tor

Webpage Archive - Onion version of the multilingual web archiving page

Cloudflare DNS service - Onion version of the public DNS resolver

Please continue adding sites to this page, eventually they will make it to the front page. (For testing purposes: green.)