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Rules of the Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is basically a big (the biggest?) directory of working websites, it serves as a directory of links to other .onion sites. To maintain some order here, a few simple rules must be followed.

On the Main Page:

  • No vandalizing of links (For example: changing the URLs by one letter)
  • No phishing (For example: changing the legit URLs to some phishing URL)
  • No deleting of working links (except if they are down for a longer period of time.)
  • Only TOR sites (ending with .onion) are allowed. Changing URLs to clearnet ones (to '', or to 'tor2web' for example) will be treated as vandalism.

The Main Page is a big, neutral .onion directory. Let's keep it that way: If you have opinions about a site, use the Talk pages for that.

Financial/Commercial services:

The "Financial" and "Commercial" sections are special sections here, because there is a healthy competition going on between the vendors. That is why these sections have the most revisions and changes.

The site would like to offer every vendor an equally fair chance, so there are some special rules for these two sections, to provide these equal chances. Because the HW is still a directory of links, and is not someone's personal advertising platform, the following rules apply:

In the Financial/Commercial sections:

  • No bold text, no fancy wrappers. Every link must look the same for a visitor.
  • No hosting of commercial/financial services on the Hidden Wiki. If you have something to sell, then rent/create a host, like others do. The Hidden Wiki is not a hosting provider.
  • A single image does not qualify as a website. Since the HW is a directory of websites, linking to a single image is not allowed. Just like above: use a webserver, set up a website, like the others do.
  • Vendors are competing for 'spots'. If you're a new user with a new site, please don't trigger an edit war: respect the vendors who were here before, and do not put a new link on the top of the already established list.

These rules are not very strict, and are easy to follow.
Anyone who strikingly disobeys them is risking his username here.

Other notes:

Please note that almost anyone can edit the regular pages, there is minimal protection on them.
(That means, if you write something somewhere, nobody guarantees that it will be there tomorrow. This is the nature of the Hidden Wiki: information that others find useless may perish. The solution: write only things that the community can benefit from. You can earn some respect that way.)

Rules last updated: 28 May 2014


This hidden website (The "Hidden Wiki") is a community editable directory, and information source.
The site holds no responsibility for the content uploaded by it's users, for the validity of the information presented here, or for the content of external sites. The administrator(s) of the site does not have the capacity to check and/or validate every link and every information uploaded here.
Every uploader holds full responsibility for the content he/she uploads.

The Hidden Wiki does not verify or mark services in any way. Please bear in mind that anybody can contribute to the Wiki, so just because something is written here, it doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

While in general, we're asking our users to not link to websites with illegal content on them, this term is relative to the country where the linked website resides in. We cannot check that either. So, it is possible that some of the links you find here can take you to places you'll find inappropriate. It is your responsibility to do your research before using any information here.

Legality: This website is a community editable public directory, basically a big bunch of links to working .Onion sites. There is no illegal content hosted on our servers. If you find one however, please leave a message about it on the admin's talk page.

The Hidden Wiki is a 100% free service. It does not, and will not accept payments of any kind. No exceptions. If anyone asks for money (or coins) for their services regarding the Hidden Wiki, it is very likely that he is a scammer, and you will pay for an otherwise free service (or worse: you'll pay for nothing). Pay at your own discretion.