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Welcome to Onionland's Museum. Here you will find links to articles about the Onionland and it's torizens.



  • Empire, The largest dark web market exit schemes


  • Nucleus marketplace, the second largest darkmarket, goes offline. Exit scam presumed but no coins removed from the sites wallets.
  • Playpen bust sees an unknown exploit effectively de-anon specific Tor users.


  • Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, is supposedly identified as an Australian businessman. The Bitcoin price makes gains in response to the news.
  • Agora temporarily suspends trading over Tor security concerns.
  • Mr Nice Guy sells his market, which is renamed as Doctor Drugs.
  • Blackbank becomes an exit scam.
  • This hidden wiki hits 10 million visits.
  • The K-Man is back after a long absence. Visitors say the new website is, quote, less for Tumbores, more for Outlanders.
  • Onion marketplaces experience strong DDoS attacks. The involvement of the owner of Mr. Nice Guy Marketplace is proved by a group of hackers and later confirmed in an interview, where he admits to paying a hacker to DDOS his competitors. Niceguy apologized.
  • The SIGAINT email serve is targeted by 70 bad nodes in an attempt to preform a Man In The Middle attack between SIGAINT.org and their onion website.
  • Evolution becomes an exit scam, with the site owners Verto and Kimble eloping with millions.
  • The official Facebook sets up an onion domain, is viewed with much suspicion.
  • Hidden Answers, a Q and A site, launches.
  • Galaxy2 opens, effectively reviving the old Galaxy social network.
  • BlackBook, a Facebook-like social networking Tor hidden service, is established and grows to over 50,000 accounts.


  • The Silk Road 3.0 opens up under the name Green Road, after the Silk Road 2.0 is seized.
  • Galaxy, a dark web social network with over 30,000 registered members, suddenly disappears, amid plans to launch Operation Mercury to hack pedo sites.
  • The FBI seizes over 25-35 .onion websites in Operation Onymous, including Hydra, and Silk Road 2.0. The FBI seized over 1 million in bitcoins and made 17 arrests.
  • The Hidden Wiki - The new Hidden Wiki is made under the agreement that all cp is removed.
  • Doxbin hacked the kpvz Hidden Wiki and held the private key hostage. The private key was later leaked to limit the damage Doxbin could do.
  • Bitcoin Fog - Bitcoin anonymization taken seriously. *Warning: Users have complained that Bitcoin Fog is now selectively scamming.
  • Torchat goes down.


  • Onion Wiki - Onion Wiki is the new website for Cleaned Hidden Wiki
  • [1] is secure Bitcoin high volume Bitcoin Mixer.



  • In November-December, a rather nice amount of new non-CP imageboards are created. Tor becomes more active as a few clearnet communities hear about it.
  • In August Dutch police target Hard Candy sites Template:Ref
  • On October 18th, Operation DarkNet begins. Hidden Wiki is DoSed and Freedom Hosting targeted.
  • Sometime in late 2011, Torbook opens its doors. This is an introduction to an anonymous social network on Tor; one of the first successful attempts of its kind. NOTE Torbook moves to FreedomHosting











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